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If you're a person that thinks Kites are nothing more than children's toys then think again. Kites have gone hi-tech along with everything else these days and maybe even more so. 

Be sure to check the Gee Whiz page for information which is now posted and you may find it interesting. I hope you enjoy it very much. Also in the gallery I'll be posting some of the kites that I now own and some I hope to in the near future. Once you check out some of the pics in the gallery and wish to find out where you can purchase some of these kites feel free to contact me for more information or check out my kite links page. I do advise this, don't get scared off by the high prices of these hi-tech kites. Remember this, once you make the initial investment, the wind is FREE!!!

 I was approached by an older gentleman one afternoon while flying at Sylvan Beach NY. He said he was admiring my kites from a local restaurant and was wondering if my kites were expensive. I had a stack of flexifoils in the air at the time, 4-6ft Stackers+1-8ft flexifoil, including lines and handles I informed him that I had over $800 in the air. He commented I was crazy and left. An hour or two later he came back with his wife, and asked if I golfed. I informed him that I never have. He exclaimed that my kites were no different than him golfing since he now owns several sets of clubs and other equipment. I proceeded to set him straight, since every time he uses his clubs they cost him money, memberships fees, greens fees, bar tab, lunch or dinner at the clubhouse, the list goes on and on. I spend an entire day flying and other than my lunch, it doesn't cost me a thin dime!!! But beware, they're like Lays potato chips, you can't have just one! My collection is growing and I've added it to the site, so check it out at the my links button above! 

February 2k2 took me to the next level of sport kites! While working for General Dynamics in Las Vegas, Nevada I contacted kite and buggy guru Corey Jenson from Wind Power Sports and Dave Laveck of A Wind of Change, both located in the Vegas area. I had read about kite buggying on the internet since 1995 when I first got on the internet and with all the dry lakes and stuff it's like the buggy capital of the world and knew I had to try it while out there. I was introduced to becoming a buggy pilot by Dave Laveck. I usually met with Dave, Marty Bird and other members of the Vegas Buggy Bastards every Friday night at the Silver Bowl soccer fields. I accompanied Corey Jenson every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday at Ivanpah Dry Lake and learned some of the fine points of buggying. Although he's not a competition/trick buggy pilot he does have a passion for kiting and buggying. The Corey Lama can be found at Ivanpah just about every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at Ivanpah or one of the dry lakes in the Vegas area. Accompanying the Corey Lama at any given time and helping out at Wind Power Sports is his cohort in crime John Ribitch. He's more of a daredevil and you'll more than likely find him either riding his buggy or his mountain board across the lake beds. They'll always be found riding solo or piloting a tandem buggy taking inexperienced and interested newcomers to the sport for a ride. When not giving introductory rides to newcomers John and Corey each take one of John's daughters along for the ride and they kick back while experiencing the buggy thang and they both love it! They may become future buggy pilots themselves! Traction kiting is an awesome environmentally friendly sport, no motors, no gasoline, no exhaust fumes, just you, your buggy, and your kite being powered by the breath of Mother Nature! 

Browse around and enjoy!

May the wind be with you! Always!